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Excel Community Centres

The Excel Foundation aims to grow a network of community centres that promote the maximum use of council and government facilities as well as provide an income source to support our charitable causes.

Many council and govenment owed facilities are generously provided to community groups, clubs, associations and other not for profits at token rents. However, often these facilities are leased to an individual club or association which means, for various reasons, they are often only utilised for an hour or two a day, or several days per week, or during s particular sporting season only.

When an individual club or association leases a facility, other clubs or associations are often reluctant to try and share that facility.

When Excel Foundation takes the head lease on a centre, we can be the neutral arbiter, booker and maintainer of the facility and actively encourage a variety of different users to access the community centres so that we can maximise the use of council and government owned facilities.

Excel Foundation seeks a specific sponsor for each centre to pay the operational costs for that centre.  This means that community groups can use the centre for a token fee and that limited commercial users can uses the centres but that then all of those fees go to our charitable causes.

Colmslie Community Centre

Colmslie Community Centre page

Excel Foundation is currently tendering for the former social club at the State Hockey Centre at Colmslie.

This will be renamed as the Comslie Community Centre and will operate as a:

  • function centre with full bar and commercial kitchen
  • rehersal space
  • training venue

Local schools, clubs, associations and other not for profits can use the space for a token fee for fundraising purposes.

Operational costs are paid directly by corporate sponsors so that all fees generated can go towards our charitable purposes.

The centre has commercial grade sprung flooring owned by one of our users (Kick Dance) across 2 large studios/spaces which can be used by non commercial users for a token fee, or commercial users for a reasonable fees.

Club or Association Looking to Reduce Overheads

Are you a club or association looking to reduce your overheads by sharing your facility, or considering ending your lease.

We will confidentially discuss the possibility of taking over your facility, entering into a licence with you to continue use it (if you wish to continue), whilst reducing your costs and opening it up for other sympathetic uses.

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Council or Government Looking for Operators

Excel Foundation can lease one of your facilities and open it up to more users compared to leasing to a specific club or association so that you maximise your investment in community facilities.

We will have a specific corporate sponsor underwrite the operational costs of the centre.  That means we can offer it to community groups, clubs, associations, schools, kindys and other not for profits for a token fee.  Where there is a possibility of some commercial use, 100% of these fees get used for our charitable causes.

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