Elite Athletes & Performers

Elite Athletes & Performer Financial Support

Only a limited number of sports and performing arts can provide the financial rewards to cover the costs of competing and performing, let alone an income to live on.  Our members are proud of their region or city, proud Queenslanders and proud Australians.  We believe that those who dedicate their lives to elite performance in sport and performing arts deserve to be assisted and rewarded.

Example – Our Olympic Swimmers Live on Less than $20,000

The majority of Australia’s Olympians effectively live in poverty so they can represent us on the world stage.   Most people realise that these athletes commit to life of hardwork and dedication, many don’t realise that they can struggle to survive whilst doing so. Even though our Australian Swimming team get a huge amount of publicity, most swimmers survive on less than $20,000 per year.

Excel looks after our elite in 3 different ways.

Income Support ( PBI – Public Fund)

We are currently seeking deductible gift registration status as a Public Benevolent Institution.  This will allow gifts to our Public Fund to be tax deductible.

This category of support for elite athletes and performers is strictly limited, especially to those over 18 years of age.  Single people’s income must not exceed $18,000 after housing costs and if part of a family with 2 children must not exceed $39,000 after housing costs.  

Athletes and performers in this category effectively live in poverty due to their sport or their art.   Most people wouldn’t be aware, but almost the entire of Australia’s Olympic team would qualify for this.  Even our elite swimmers survive on average income of less than $20,000 per year.

Rising Stars

Unlike our other categories, our rising stars category includes those athletes and performers whose chosen passion has the potential to generate significant earnings in the future.  Many of today’s stars would not have been able to follow their passion without financial support from outside their family.

People in this category have been identified by coaches, teachers or instructors as being the elite performers of tomorrow.


There are only a small number of performing artists and female athletes whose chosen passion provides them with a decent income.  Likewise, only a small number of male sports provide a decent income to their athletes.  For the others, although they are not living in poverty, the costs of competing and performing provide a substantial impost.